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Endpoint Search Comes to API Harmony

February 15th 2017
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After making OpenAPI specifications central to API Harmony, we are finally able to implement a long-discussed feature: endpoint-based search. In the latest version of API Harmony, if you perform a search, it will not only consider API names or descriptions, but also drill down into the route and description of endpoints.

Here is how it looks like:

Figure 1: Endpoint search screenshotFigure 1: Endpoint search screenshot

As you can see, the search returns not only a matched API (the IBM Alchemy Language API, in this case) but also a breakdown of all endpoints matched. The search highlights where matches were made. Clicking on an endpoint brings you directly to its description, where additional information and code snippets are available.

There are multiple reasons why we think this feature is valuable:

  • Endpoint search makes it easier to find specific functionalities within APIs, making better use of the data we have in OpenAPI specifications. Searches that previously returned no result now do, because matches are only available in endpoints.
  • Endpoint search gets users faster to the information they are looking for. Rather than first searching for APIs and then for endpoints within those APIs, we can now directly find endpoints.
  • Endpoint search opens up new use cases, for example looking for existing implementations of endpoints or even helping you to check for duplicate endpoints.

Check out the endpoint search in API Harmony. As always, we are excited to hear your feedback on Twitter @apiHarmony.