You are lost in space!

Use your gravity gun to navigate from black hole to black hole, traveling through space, as your only chance to get back to earth.

Gravity Quest is a fun and challenging game about timing and coordination skills. Avoid diverse obstacles and navigate through 25 hand-crafted levels. And try to collect as many minerals on your journey as possible.

Some user reviews:

***** - "Awesome retro game, just like back in the days!" - janalane

***** - "8-bit is the new black. Cool puzzle game." - guud

***** - "A sincere warning: unless you have tons of time to spare, don't download the game! With its great challenges and awesome 80s look it gets you addicted." - Bwillis83

***** - "To all those former Commodore 64 players, be aware of your former game-addictions" - devastated moviefan

***** - "Great game transporting me back to the Mario days" - nowornever23

***** - "Biggest surprise since Civilization and Tetris" - Polyneux